Large stocks pf plywood

Large stocks of timber skirtings, claddings and various other moldings.



We are a company supplying timber and building materials for a variety of uses.

We supply customers from near and far but the majority of our work is regional. We supply both trade and domestic customers.

We endeavor to provide a friendly, efficient service at competitive prices on a wide range of products. We combine our extensive experience in the industry with a hardworking mentality to provide a service to our customers that we can feel proud of.

So if you are looking for good quality service at realistic prices.. then you have come to the right place.


Large stocks of timber

28 Station Road



DE21 7NE

To contact us:

Derby: 01332 673965

Pye Bridge: 07773 077709


Fletchers Timber (Derby) Limited


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Pye Bridge Industrial Estate

Main Road

Pye Bridge



DE55 4NX

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